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There are many great places in New Zealand

You may want to check out if you want to have a great experience just a couple of miles away from your home. At QuickTrips, we provide our clients with the necessary information they need to locate the best places to have a great experience away from their homes. We have carefully researched every outdoor experience and have gathered enough information on the best places you can visit away from home.

Places you can visit in New Zealand

for a short period


It's easy to see why so much has changed in Matakana in the last decade or so. Already home to a million great activities and natural attractions, it's close enough to Auckland to make a great day trip. Matakana is home to the country’s best farmer’s market and is filled with plentiful vineyards and local produce.

There is also the nearby Leigh Sawmill, which hosts live music and brews its beer as well as Pakiri Beach, which is a beautiful, wild place to take a walk in the wintertime.

Mount Maunganui

There is nothing better than being able to visit the most famous landmark in the Bay of Plenty. There are a variety of routes to take, so you can go at any pace you like. It is common for athletes to run up and down the Mount, but there are also gentler trails and ways to explore the lower slopes.

At the top, the views are splendid - the long stretch of coastline is complemented by an active volcano in the distance known as Whakaari/White Island, and to the north, Matakana and Rangiwaea Islands.

The Grand Traverse

When in Canterbury, take a flight over Canterbury for an experience you won't forget. The Grand Traverse is an awesome picturesque view that explores Mt Cook, Aoraki, and Westland Tai Poutini national parks. It covers about 200 kilometres of the most beautiful scenery you may ever see.

During this 45-minute tour of the terrain, you'll see some of the most exceptional scenes you'll ever witness in your life. The intense green and blue colours in the glacial lakes, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, seem too good to be true. Swooping past golden tussock lands and concrete-coloured braided river systems, you see a grand landscape spread out before you.

Hawke’s Bay Winery

Hawke's Bay's vineyards are always worth visiting no matter the season. There are more than 70 wineries to visit in this region, some behind ancient stone gateposts, such as Sacred Hill in the Dartmoor Valley, and others brazenly front and centre.

These are just a few of the places you can spend a few minutes away from your home in areas around New Zealand. You can check out quicktrip.co.nz.

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